Promotora Elizabeth (seated) performing speculum exam

First cervical cancer prevention in a tent

Siempre Salud colored logo - cropped 2 2015-08-30We trained promotoras in cervical cancer prevention in the clinic building in Keiko Sofia. It is a prefabricated modular building. Availability of electricity is variable depending on whether the community has paid the electric bill.

Most of the time the building is not in use  and for that reason it is dirty and has been frequently vandalized and occupied by vagrants. After we completed promotora training in early 2013 we experimented with the idea of performing cervical cancer prevention in a tent that we set up in the Plaza de Armas in Keiko Sofia. These are photos of that experiment. It was a success. We loved the tent. Patients loved the tent.  Now we now have a mobile (transportable) low-cost means of bringing health care close to where our patients live.  Tents provide controlled environments where we can optimize infection control, privacy, and comfort.

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