Cervical cancer prevention Micaela Bastidas

Siempre Salud colored logo - cropped 2 2015-08-30We use tents from which we operate the cervical cancer prevention program. We set up the tents in the Plaza de Armas (town square). Patients need to walk only as far as the centrally located plaza. These are photos of the setup for cervical cancer prevention in Micaela Bastidas. 

We found that tents provide ideal and constant conditions (comfort, ventilation, privacy, cleanliness, patient acceptability) and availability of electricity (from a generator) in contrast to community buildings that provide highly variable environments for patient care. We have arrived at community buildings to find the electricity turned off, broken windows, stolen curtains or furniture, overflowing toilets, and/or various infestations. Some of the clinic sites are pre-fabricated modular buildings with metal roofs that are tortuously hot in the summer. Tents and the assorted equipment, furniture, and supplies for cervical cancer prevention are easy to transport and put into operation. We hire trucks and drivers as needed. The tents are ventilated from the top. In that way they keep everyone comfortable on a hot summer day and, at the same time, allow us to cover entries and windows for the sake of complete privacy during exams. . 


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