Siempre Salud USA and Asociacion Siempre Salud (Peru)

Siempre Salud USA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that works with economically distressed Peruvian communities to create their own sustainable health care systems. Asociacion Siempre Salud, a Peruvian nonprofit association, implements our program services. Our communities have no clinics, doctors, nurses, or means of paying for health care and they lack some if not all municipal services such as potable water, wastewater treatment, electricity, fire and police protection, and paved streets. Most residents live in pervious dwellings made of bamboo matts.

We provide medical care, build community centers that are shared with our clinics, and train and employ health surveyors, community health workers, and construction workers.

Siempre Salud is a charity (that depends on the charity of others). Medical attention, training, enrollment in census and surveys, and community centers are free. However, “charitable” doesn’t describe our relationship with member communities. We receive as much as we give. Siempre Salud is a community partner in capacity-building. Residents volunteer for training. They staff the clinics, visit door-to-door to complete surveys, make weekly home visits to chronically ill patients, and deliver medications to patients’ homes. The community centers are built on┬ácommunity-donated land.

One response to “Siempre Salud USA and Asociacion Siempre Salud (Peru)

  1. julia m alicea

    Dr. Deaver
    Your project “simpre salud”is quite interesting. Do you live in Peru? I am no longer at JHMC. Saludos. Marta

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